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How We Organized WordPress Roles and Capabilities

10 January 2018

I was looking for an easy way to see which capabilities each of the WordPress roles have, but I couldn’t find it, so I’ve put this together. I’ve grouped similar capabilities together, so it’s easy to see that, for instance: an Administrator can manage plugins, or an Editor can manage…

Interview with Ana Bel Campos

29 November 2016

Recently, Justin Carboneau, Happiness Engineer at Exygy, interviewed Ana Bel Campos, Product Manager at Exygy, as part of the Exygy team member interview series. What was your childhood like? I grew up in Rio. I was an only child, and my dad lived in Portugal. My mom was very protective of me…

What is a WordPress Engineer?

10 May 2016

I wanted to write this post to articulate the difference between simple WordPress development and custom WordPress engineering. The premise is that there are a lot of WordPress developers out there who can build a $5k website for your standard small business (i.e. a restaurant, a flooring company, etc.) – but…

Is there a Formula for Employee Happiness?

28 February 2015

We’ve learned that the answer to the above question is: No, there isn’t. Or at least we haven’t found it. That’s not to say we aren’t happy employees. In fact, I’d say our team is as happy as we’ve ever been – as evidenced by the laughter and smiles I see at…

Client Feature: Muslim Advocates

30 January 2015

Normally when clients come to Exygy, they have a design in mind that they want us to implement, something they want built from the ground up. With the Muslim Advocates nonprofit organization, however, there were some budget issues to consider. Given what they had to work with, we decided the best…