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Posts by Zach Berke

  1. White Supremacy Has No Place in Our Country

    Dear Friends, On January 6th, entitled, armed, privileged, nationalistic, white supremacists stormed and desecrated our legislative bodies. They were incited to rebellion by the President of the United States himself. They waved the confederate flag — one that represents a shameful history of slavery and lynchings. Law enforcement, instead of protecting our democracy in a…

  2. We are Part of the Problem: 5 Decisions We’ve Made (so far) to be Anti-Racist

    Dear Friends, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other Black lives were taken by white America’s silence in the face of white supremacy. Myself, and the entire team at Exygy, are angry and grieving; we are also reflecting, and taking action to address ways we individually and collectively address the racist systems. Exygy…

  3. Making Legal Systems Accessible to Non-Lawyers

    Legal support services are a critical lifeline, especially for those most in need. The legal services system is complex – doubly so for underrepresented communities. Founded in 2014, Legal Link is a non-profit that aims to remove legal barriers that prevent low-income individuals from building pathways out of poverty. In 2015, Legal Link piloted a…

  4. Connecting San Francisco Families to Quality, Affordable Child Care

    Children’s Council San Francisco believes that all families should have access to affordable, quality child care. They help families, particularly low-income families, understand and pay for care that meets their individual needs. To do so, Children’s Council contacts each child care provider in San Francisco and builds detailed profiles on every aspect of their care….

  5. Digital Craftsmanship for Healthy & Resilient Communities

    What does Exygy mean? What does Exygy mean? To our team, it means Digital Craftsmanship. It means using our technical expertise – human centered design, agile software development, and modern product approaches – to build healthy and resilient communities. We believe communities thrive when they have strong social systems and resources to support families and…