Published 15 October 2019

Meet Antonella, Our New Senior Product Manager!

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Cue the drumroll for our newest Exygy team member! Antonella Guidoccio brings a passion for elevating innovation and digital transformation around the pressing needs of our society. We’re thrilled to have her as part of the team.

Through product strategy, user-centered design, and agile methodologies, Antonella supports our partners in designing and delivering meaningful products and services that put users at the center. She has extensive global experience in leading innovative initiatives and building products, as well as increasing strategic and evaluation capacities for non-profits, international organizations, and local and federal Innovation Government Labs in Argentina, Australia, Latin America, and the US.

Antonella holds a Masters in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, having graduated with highest distinction, and is an AusAid Leadership Awards scholar.

Outside of work, Antonella serves as Co-Chair of EvalYouth Global Mentoring Program to empower young and emerging evaluators, and is the Founder of EvalYouth Latin America and EvalYouth Argentina (where she is originally from!). Antonella loves traveling, outdoor activities, theater, and bringing the art of improvisation to everyday life.

Interested in joining our team? Reach out in our Open Application.

Anna Gibbons
Anna Gibbons
Partner Marketing Specialist

Anna has a passion for deepening connections among change makers, sharing stories of social impact, and all things Pacific Northwest.