Published 28 April 2021

Exygy Welcomes June Kissel

The Exygy Team is thrilled to share that June Kissel joined our team this week as a Growth Associate! June brings direct service experience, strong advocacy skills, and a passion for health equity to the team. Her skill sets and passion will be particularly critical in supporting Exygy’s work on the affordable housing portal, Bloom Housing.

Prior to joining Exygy, June worked as a Housing Coordinator at Brilliant Corners, where she connected unhoused folks to safe and fair housing and became passionate about solving homelessness. Outside of work, June is the Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships for the Scooty Fund, which calls for de-stigmatizing mental illness and supporting young people’s mental health.

Between her passion projects and work, you can find June cooking, doing crossword puzzles, or researching her next favorite restaurant. June holds a B.S. in Public Health Science from Santa Clara University.

Interested in working at Exygy? Reach out through our Open Application.

Anna Gibbons
Anna Gibbons
Growth Manager

Anna has a passion for deepening connections among change makers, sharing stories of social impact, and all things Pacific Northwest.