Published 24 June 2020

Welcome, Kathy Cheng!

We’re thrilled to introduce Kathy Cheng, our Senior Product Manager. As a PM, Kathy leads a number of Exygy projects, including taking a leadership role on our work to expand access to affordable housing through Bloom Housing.

Kathy’s background includes working across the life sciences, mental health, and education sectors – all areas that make her a wonderful addition to Team Exygy. She brings extensive product management experience from early stage high growth startups, in addition to digital agencies working in sectors ranging from e-commerce, to education, to digital health.

Kathy’s dedication to social impact was inspired by her joint degree in Economics and Urban Planning at MIT, and the Venture For America fellowship, where she was in the inaugural class of fellows in Detroit, MI.

Great to have you on the team, Kathy!

Anna Gibbons
Anna Gibbons
Partner Marketing Specialist

Anna has a passion for deepening connections among change makers, sharing stories of social impact, and all things Pacific Northwest.