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Proud to be a B Corp!

27 September 2016

Exygy has been a registered B Corporation since 2010, and we are excited to have been re-certified in 2016 with our highest score yet!

Certified B Corporation

Every two years, we undergo a rigorous third party certification created by B Lab to assess our impact on our community, employees, customers, and the environment. The process allows us to transparently assess if our actions reflect our core values. We review everything from HR policies, health benefits, and governance structures to our cleaning products, office supplies, and appliance energy efficiency. We are proud to continually hold ourselves to the highest impact standards, especially as we have grown from 5 to 19 employees and tripled our annual revenue.

Since our last assessment, Exygy converted our corporate structure from an LLC to a California Benefit Corporation. This legal status allows us to go beyond maximizing profit, and take social and economic impact into account for all business decisions. This ability is hugely important; the vast majority of corporations are legally bound to always be looking to maximize profits for their direct shareholders (at the risk of being sued for not doing so). But we all know that a business has responsibilities outside just its profits– to its workers, clients, and society at large– and Exygy is now better equipped than ever to use technology as a lever to empower all those stakeholders.

B Lab has lead the way in advocating for benefit corporation legislation in every state to redefine the traditional corporate model, and allow companies to align the interests of business with those of society.

Being a part of the B Corp community has continually held us to the highest social and environmental standards, and facilitated relationships with the 1800+ companies internationally who share our values. This year we are excited to attend the B Corp Champions Retreat to continue building relationships and growing our social impact.

Make sure to checkout B Lab’s resources here and consider joining us in the B Corp Community!