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How to Use the San Francisco Tier 3 Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can a civic agency in the City and County of SF use the Tier 3 Marketplace?

SF’s Office of Contract Administration has published a Technology Purchasing Guidebook (PDF attached below).  Appendix B (page 14) in particular, is a checklist of all of the steps and documents that the civic agency has to take to procure through the Tier 3 Marketplace.

2. Does every procurement through the Tier 3 Marketplace have to be competitive?

No. The Tier 3 Marketplace is created to make it easier for smaller vendors to work with civic agencies. Any scope of work that is $110K or less can be procured through a direct purchase order. There is no need for a competitive bidding process. However, if the scope of work is greater than $110K, then it has to go through a competitive procurement process. The cap for any contract that goes through Tier 3 is $600K. 

3. What is the timeline for a non-competitive purchase order ($110K or less)?

Once the city agency has received a scope of work and quote from the vendor, the rest of the process should take no more than 2-3 weeks. There are a number of internal steps to follow to get the purchase order signed off. Below are a few of the key steps:

1.Department of Technology reviews the purchase orders (about 5 days)

2. Local 21 Union conducts their reviews (10 days minimum)

3. Once everything has been approved, processing can take 1-7 days

Please consult Appendix B in the Technology Purchasing Guidebook for the comprehensive step by step instructions. Alternatively, you can also reach out to Paul Cheng (paul.cheng@sfgov.org) at the Office of Contract Administration with specific questions. 

4. How many times can a vendor or civic agency engage through the Tier 3 marketplace?

There are no limitations to the number of times that a vendor can engage with one or more civic agencies under this vehicle. The only limitation is set by the contract cap of $600K. However, since there are multiple categories a vendor can qualify for under the Tier 3 Marketplace, each category has a contract cap of $600K.

Since Exygy has qualified into 3 different categories, we are able to engage in a total of $1.8M across these categories. The categories Exygy is qualified into are: Computer System Services; Computer Training Services; and Database Development and Analysis. These categories are each fairly broadly defined, and there are many types of projects that can fit into the category descriptions.