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  1. Making Legal Systems Accessible to Non-Lawyers

  2. Inviting Bay Area Residents to Co-Create the Region’s Future

    The Bay Area is a place where powerful levers of change are constantly converging—from the shifting of tectonic plates to the lightning-speed iterations of Silicon Valley. As two regional planning agencies thought about what the future could look like, they wanted to hear from the people who would experience the next few decades firsthand. In…

  3. How to Use the San Francisco Tier 3 Marketplace

    Here’s what we’ve learned about how civic agencies and tech vendors can work together, leveraging the SF Tier 3 Marketplace. Please note that the information here is based on our own experiences. This blog post is not affiliated with or commissioned by the City and County of San Francisco Office of Contract Administration. 1. How…

  4. 6 Steps to Becoming a Learning Organization

    In our ten-plus years of practicing Agile, we’ve learned a few things about how it functions within Government – often the hard way. As I reflected on two of this spring’s big government technology summits in California, Agile Government Leadership (AGL) and Code for America (CfA), I heard mutterings of a common theme: “Agile is…

  5. Project Announcement: Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research

    Exygy is proud to be a part of Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR), a new initiative dedicated to achieving fair, just, and effective pretrial practices, every day, throughout the nation. APPR, a collaboration of more than a dozen organizations and individuals with diverse expertise administered by the Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP), will…