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  1. Digitizing Financial Services to Serve Low-Income Women

  2. Strengthening Connections Between Bay Area Social Service Providers

  3. Connecting San Francisco Families to Quality, Affordable Child Care

  4. Free, Online Education for the Global South

    CLIENT Philanthropy University is a nonprofit that believes in transforming global development from the ground up. Guided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Philanthropy University sees a world where leaders in the Global South have the knowledge, resources and support they need to effectively improve their local communities. Philanthropy University believes that local leaders are…

  5. Digital Storytelling: Making Health Research Accessible

    Our team recently completed a digital storytelling project with Hopelab, helping share their recent research: Digital Health Practices, Social Media Use, and Mental Well-Being Among Teens and Young Adults in the U.S. Hopelab is a San Francisco-based social innovation lab focused on designing science-based technologies to improve the health and well-being of teens and young…