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  1. Moving Together to Improve Quality of Life with Dementia

  2. Connecting San Francisco Families to Quality, Affordable Child Care

  3. Making Legal Systems Accessible to Non-Lawyers

  4. Making Legal Systems Accessible to Non-Lawyers

    Legal support services are a critical lifeline, especially for those most in need. The legal services system is complex – doubly so for underrepresented communities. Founded in 2014, Legal Link is a non-profit that aims to remove legal barriers that prevent low-income individuals from building pathways out of poverty. In 2015, Legal Link piloted a…

  5. Free, Online Education for the Global South

    CLIENT Philanthropy University is a nonprofit that believes in transforming global development from the ground up. Guided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Philanthropy University sees a world where leaders in the Global South have the knowledge, resources and support they need to effectively improve their local communities. Philanthropy University believes that local leaders are…