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about us

Exygy is a team of digital strategists, human centered designers, and agile engineers. We make things that matter, better.

we’re at the intersection of tech and change

Exygy is not just a design firm, an engineering team, or an impact consultancy. We’re an agency that lives at the intersection of design, technology, and social impact. We are a team of talented folks, driven by a shared desire to use our engineering, design, and strategy skills to make progressive social change.

Our Mission

A certified B Corporation, Exygy is on a mission to design exceptional software for the world’s leading change makers. Our team, clients, and partners are aligned with a common purpose of improving our community and environment.

The Team

Zach Berke

Chief Executive Officer

Moving back to California in 2005, Zach founded Exygy as a freelance designer and engineer. Today, Zach gets excited about scalable purpose-driven projects whose impact is best served by Exygy’s unique blend of strategy, human-centered design, and agile software engineering.

Phil Clark

Chief Operations Officer

Phil graduated Cum Laude from Vassar College with an AB in Media Studies and earned a Masters in the Science of Teaching from Pace University. As Chief Operations Officer for Exygy, Phil works with founder Zach Berke to set the overall vision, processes and strategic direction of the company. A triathlon enthusiast, Philip lives in Oakland where he can swim, bike and run in a sunnier clime. He sometimes wishes he were in Cinque Terre in Italy, his favorite place to visit.

Dave Kaplan

Chief Technology Officer

Dave holds a BS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Interactive Multimedia from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. While bringing his vast knowledge of developing, engineering, and programming to new projects, his favorite moments happen when he sees an appreciative client’s face after build transcends expectations. Although he says his love for software gets him through the day, his coworkers all know it’s his peanut butter obsession that keeps him energized.

Grant Kinney

Web Engineer

Grant Kinney is a web engineer who approaches development by prioritizing high quality, purposeful user experiences. With a background in healthcare as a spiritual care provider, he emphasizes that people are the most important asset in building software. When he’s not working or hacking on web tech, you’ll probably find him riding his bicycle, home-brewing, or spending time outside with his family.

Pierre Hunault

Senior Software Engineer

Pierre’s boundless expertise in Rails, Django, PHP, Android, and Objective-C make for an impressive resume. One of the language achievements he is proudest of is learning English after moving to the U.S. from his native country, France. Pierre earned his Masters in Computer Science from Supinfo France and the Domincan University of California. A co-founder of PunkPixel, Pierre delights in the ability to push creative boundaries in technical realms. When not immersed in an absorbing tech project, Pierre heads to the water where he loves to scuba dive and surf.

Wendy Fong

Lead Designer

Wendy believes in the power of design to change the world for good. A designer and educator with 10+ years of experience, she has worked on projects internationally and domestically. In Port Au Prince, Haiti, she collaborated on a call center which connected over 2000 women to legal and medical services. A former Code for America Fellow, she built a legislation app that increased civic engagement for the 450,000 residents of Mesa, Arizona. Wendy has led 1500+ students towards design excellence. As the Lead Designer at Exygy, Wendy shapes the design strategy and vision for the company.


Justin Carboneau

Happiness Engineer

Justin came to Exygy after being an entrepreneur and freelancer for most of his adult life. He brought with him his entrepreneurial spirit and an intense desire to avoid a traditional job. Justin is the self-professed Happiness Engineer at Exygy. In addition to managing many of our WordPress projects, he dedicates himself to the happiness and professional development of each person on the Exygy team through monthly goals check-ins. He writes about Happiness at Work and WordPress Wizardry on the Exygy blog.

Roshen Sethna

Product Manager

Roshen is a MacGyver of sorts: operations guru, strategist, and entrepreneur all wrapped up in one. She comes to Exygy from the social enterprise world where she led resource management for a social venture incubator, consulted on sustainable consumer packaging for a Fortune 500 company, and worked on affordable real estate and urban development. At Exygy, Roshen leads product management and agile, user-centered product development, scaling our operations to support effective social impact technology projects. Roshen holds a BA from Duke University where she was a Baldwin Scholar.

Pëllumb Hasani


Pëllumb is a Software lover and advocate. He’s Adobe Flash black-belted, and dreams and works towards making WordPress and PHP coding more fun and easy. He’s gained programming experience on the largest companies in his hometown. He’s co-created Mapstylr.com and Pishpirik Facebook game. Pëllumb is used and comfortable to pressure and client requests for changes. His calm personality has made him a great programmer, since calmness is frequently needed and rarely found. He’s also a great fan of the DotA2 video game.

Eric Matthews


All Canadian boys dream of growing up to be either hockey players or bookkeepers. As Eric was a bit wobbly on skates, he chose the latter, and hasn’t looked back since. His days are spent working with desktop software like QuickBooks, or cloud-based software like FreshBooks, Xero, Wave, and Kashoo. When he’s not crunching numbers and generating reports, he spends the rest of his time with his family. He is a serious music junkie, middling tech enthusiast, and downright terrible fisherman.

Matt Luedke

Mobile Engineer

Matt recently joined Exygy after building mobile applications on dozens of different projects for iOS and Android for the last six years. Matt has written tutorials for learning mobile development and spoken about mobile game development. Matt believes in software’s power to communicate, organize, and educate. In college, Matt co-founded an environmentally-focused startup with two classmates in Madison, Wisconsin. The startup began at a competition to develop innovative solutions to the causes or impacts of climate change. In his spare time Matt writes (music and books), and he loves to run and  bike around the Bay Area.

Jesse James

Designer and Front End Developer

Jesse earned his MFA in Visual Art from the University of California San Diego and his professional history has included fine art, machining, furniture design and front end programming. He wants to learn your language and identify key user interactions. From block model to visual design, your application has personality, and he draws that out in order to enhance the overall experience. For the past five years, he has served as creative drive and Co-founder of Mister Machine. You should know, that the trunk of his car is always packed with camping gear, ready at a moments notice to jump on HWY 1 for a trip to Big Sur.

Michael Enslow

Software Engineer

Michael is a Software Engineer with extensive experience designing, developing, and deploying web applications. Before joining the team at Exygy, Michael was the Principal Developer and Co-founder of Mister Machine, a front end development and prototyping shop. Michael has led development for universities, scientific institutions, and large media organizations. He currently focuses on ambitious front end development for responsive prototypes and pattern libraries that integrate with back end APIs. Michael has a passion for urban gardening and believes we can save the world one tomato, beet, and head of lettuce at a time.

Christine Dolendo

Software Engineer

Christine graduated magna cum laude from American University. She has made it her lifelong mission to leverage technology to make our world the truest expression of compassion, connection and freedom. Christine engineered the product for Sparo.com to seamlessly marry commerce and charity. She is the co-inventor of four tech patents including “Automated Online Allocation of Donations,” & “Automated Online Calendar-Based Donations.” She was the founding engineer of LighterCulture.com, an all-female led tech startup, which makes sustainable, cruelty-free eating convenient and affordable. She is also a coach at DevBootcamp.

Mari Toledo

Product Designer

Mari is a product designer who enjoys creating clean and elegant interfaces. Mari is responsible for some of our favorite visual design work including our own exygy.com website. Mari’s goal is to design solutions that result in positive impact on society. Before coming to San Francisco, Mari worked as a Visual Designer and Art Director with many Brazilian fashion firms. Mari has a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Design and Interactive Media from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in Brazil.

Sheba Najmi

Senior User Experience Strategist

Sheba has an 11-year background in UX, Product, and entrepreneurship. After 7 years at Yahoo! as a UX Lead for Yahoo! Mail, she became a Code for America Fellow, where she led the creation of Honolulu Answers. She then founded Code for Pakistan, a non-profit that’s bringing citizen-focused tech innovation to 4 cities in Pakistan. Most recently, Sheba was VP of Product at Luxe Valet ($25M in funding). She holds an MS and BS in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction. She teaches a full-day UX class every few months, digs traveling, and can sometimes be sighted doing the Lindy Hop.

Ana Bel Campos

Product Manager

Ana Bel recently moved to the Bay Area from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she began her work in product management. She has worked with agile development for 7 years, and as a product owner she has helped to create a diverse range of digital products. Her biggest concern is always delivering the best experience possible for the user, and her dream is to be able to change people’s lives through her products. Her favorite word is empathy. She uses Keynote for everything, and is known for building “Wow!” presentations. As a good Brazilian, she loves ‘feijoada’, soccer and samba.

Rachael Estess

Operations Coordinator

Rachael graduated Cum Laude from the University of Florida, and has worked in the social entrepreneurship sector for 5 years. Rachael works to ensure operational excellence, focusing on marketing, human resources, and event planning at Exygy.  While working on Ashoka’s Talent team, she automated 40% of her job and led partnerships to provide professional development opportunities to the staff. She was also a fellow with Motiis Innovation Lab in Mombasa, Kenya conducting market research and testing scalable business models. Rachael is obsessed with scuba diving and dreams of one day swimming with a whaleshark.

Jordan Koplowicz

Senior Software Engineer

Jordan is an expert Drupal developer with 10 years of experience.  Jordan also rocks project management and devops.  When not doing Drupal work, Jordan does more Drupal work for various non-profits.  Jordan has a long history of working for public interest and public sector organizations, including Calpirg, UCSF, UC Hastings, the San Francisco District Attorney, San Francisco International Airport, and Senator Dianne Feinstein.  Jordan has a JD from UC Hastings and is an actively licensed attorney.  In his free time, Jordan spends time with his family and does living history reenactments of the American Civil War.

Eric Lam

Product Manager

Eric is a Product Manager with a wealth of experience in leading agile software development programs for web and mobile platforms.  He has worked with clients and teams across the US, Hong Kong, India, Philippines and Ireland.  Prior to technology consulting, Eric begun his own non profit organization where he worked with developing communities in El Salvador to organize sustainable initiatives, which included constructing homes, developing a community center, and establishing a day care. As a Southern California native, Eric loves anything outdoors, from rock climbing to carpentry, as long as the sun is out.

Catherine Callaghan

Software Engineer

Catherine is a full stack web developer who believes in using technology to empower and care for people. After five years of building and managing web applications as a solo globetrotting freelancer, she decided to try a crazy experiment where she stays in one place and hangs around these interesting creatures called “coworkers” a lot. They’re pretty ok, it turns out. She is fascinated/horrified by AI and thinks that if the robots are coming we should try to build them to be as chill as possible. Catherine holds a BA in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley.

Alice Yan

Associate UX Designer

Alice is a UX designer with a multidisciplinary background in human-centered design and information technology. She landed at Exygy straight out of university to pursue her life’s dream of using design thinking and collaboration to influence change and create effective yet efficient solutions. Her passion is empowering youth with the knowledge of an edible education. When Alice isn’t designing, you can find her working on illustrations, dreaming of noodles, and exploring the world by bicycle. Alice holds a BS in Informatics from the University of Washington, Seattle with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction.

Ajesh Shah

Product Manager

Ajesh is an experienced product manager with an eye for exceptional design and a user-centric approach to products and services. He aspires to change the world through design, technology and strives to bring joy to people’s lives both on and off the web. Before Exygy, he taught students at General Assembly best UX practices to build valuable user-friendly product and agile product development. On the side, he helps organize Lean Startup Circle events in San Francisco, facilitating dialogues and learnings in the Lean Startup community. Ajesh digs discovering new music, helping build large art projects, traveling to lesser known places around the world.