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5 Tips to Modernize Your RFP Process

25 June 2018

In a recent webinar, 5 Tips to Modernize your RFP Process, Ashley Meyers from San Francisco Digital Services and Zach Berke of Exygy shared their top five tips for government agencies to craft Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that attract top-notch, innovative partners. 1. Be Modest – Show Only What You…

3 Ways an Agile Approach Modernized a Government IT Project

6 June 2018

How a human-centric, data-driven approach overhauled San Francisco’s affordable housing services At the BridgeSF 2018 Summit, Roshen Sethna of Exygy and Barry Roeder of the Mayor’s Office of Housing & Community Development (MOHCD) presented DAHLIA – a website that simplifies the San Francisco affordable housing search and application process. The…

Automatically Restart Your Server with Monit

20 January 2017

Why is this crashing? I have a web server that suddenly started crashing for no reason. I hadn’t changed any software, it didn’t get hacked, it didn’t run out of memory. It just suddenly decided to crash three times in a 24 hour period… and then again two days later….

What is a WordPress Engineer?

10 May 2016

I wanted to write this post to articulate the difference between simple WordPress development and custom WordPress engineering. The premise is that there are a lot of WordPress developers out there who can build a $5k website for your standard small business (i.e. a restaurant, a flooring company, etc.) – but…