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Automatically Restart Your Server with Monit

20 January 2017

Why is this crashing? I have a web server that suddenly started crashing for no reason. I hadn’t changed any software, it didn’t get hacked, it didn’t run out of memory. It just suddenly decided to crash three times in a 24 hour period… and then again two days later….

What is a WordPress Engineer?

10 May 2016

I wanted to write this post to articulate the difference between simple WordPress development and custom WordPress engineering. The premise is that there are a lot of WordPress developers out there who can build a $5k website for your standard small business (i.e. a restaurant, a flooring company, etc.) – but…

Heart Rate + ResearchKit Tutorial Published!

10 December 2015

Back in May, I had the opportunity to write a tutorial helping developers get started using ResearchKit, Apple’s new framework to facilitate medical research on iOS devices. The response to the first tutorial and to ResearchKit in general has been really encouraging thus far: over 100,000 users are participating in…

Using ResearchKit for Medical Research in iOS Apps

27 May 2015

At an Apple event back in March, Tim Cook impressed the crowd with the new MacBook and Apple Watch. But for many listeners, the most exciting development was the announcement of ResearchKit. ResearchKit is an open-source framework that enables iOS developers to make medical research apps. It contains easy-to-use modules…