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Making Legal Systems Accessible to Non-Lawyers

27 February 2019

Legal support services are a critical lifeline, especially for those most in need. The legal services system is complex – doubly so for underrepresented communities. Founded in 2014, Legal Link is a non-profit that aims to remove legal barriers that prevent low-income individuals from building pathways out of poverty. In…

Meet Ji, Our New Lead Product Manager

25 February 2019

We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to the Exygy team! Ji Kim is joining Exygy as a Lead Product Manager. Ji brings a deep knowledge of product management, with years of experience using his discipline in two areas Exygy works directly with – the Education and Government / Civic…

Improving Organizational Capacity and Leadership through Agile Coaching

13 November 2018

At Exygy, iterative delivery is at the core of our every day operations. Through working with many different kinds of organizations – large and small, bureaucratic and nimble, non-profit, public, and private – we’ve personalized our approach to Agile. We’ve built a set of processes that work for your organization…

Strengthening Connections Between Bay Area Social Service Providers

6 November 2018

Benetech is a pioneer of software for social good, serving as a bridge between Silicon Valley and the social sector. Their work includes transforming how people with disabilities read and learn, protecting human rights defenders, and connecting people to the critical social services. Social services providers offer critical relief for…

Training California’s Civic Innovators to Lead with Digital Craftsmanship

15 October 2018

The California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) supports healthy and resilient communities by driving health policy and delivering services for millions of California’s most disadvantaged and at-risk residents. CHHS provides policy leadership and direction to over a dozen departments and offices that offer a wide range of services, such…