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The Art and Money of Story Telling

Here at Exygy, we always strive to tell great stories about our work. We know that when engaging with potential clients, they want to see more than our products but how we created that product to fit a need. Harvard Business Review’s blog put up a post titled “If You Want to Raise Prices, Tell a Better Story”. In the article, it documents an experiment that New York Times Magazine columnist Rob Walker conducted by buying small objects under four dollars. He gave the items to writers to create a short story and then sold them on eBay with a valuation of over 2100%.

A miniature jar of mayonnaise he had purchased for less than a dollar sold for $51.00. A cracked ceramic horse head purchased for $1.29 sold for $46.00. The value of these formerly abandoned or forsaken objects suddenly and mysteriously skyrocketed when they were accompanied by a story.

Business as usual don’t work any longer in today’s economy. That goes the same for marketing products and services, without stories that address a human need, what’s the differentiator between your product and your competitors?

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